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Careers are directly connected to our Process of Talent Management (Performance Evaluation). Through this process, we want to achieve the following goals:

In what concerns to the Human Resources:
>Evaluate, in a reliable way, the development of each person in the pursuit of the objectives defined for his work;
> As an element team, his contribute to a higher development of his workgroup;
> Get to know the training needs of each resource, allowing him to acquire new abilities and the improvement of others;
> Ensure the existence of feedback from the all parts involved in the process (human resources, project manager and client manager).

Concerning to our Clients:
> Always work with the objective of satisfy and overcome their expectations.

Given all this, putting together the level of experience of each one in a specific area, and the wishes of professional evolution, we frame our Human Resources in the different levels of Careers that we have. The evolution just depends on you!

iCreate, as a company that wants to maintain a lightweight and flexible structure, preserves the following values:
> Excellence;
> Hard work to achieve and exceed our goals;
> The constant readiness for a change;
> Treating each others as colleagues, with no bureaucratic structure;
> The constant give value to creativity and seek of new business opportunities;
> Motivate personal development through ongoing training.

If you seek for excellence and constant challenges, be ambitious and join our team!

iCreate Academy

At iCreate, we invest in the development of the engine responsible for its growing: our Human Capital. We believe that, through training, the increasing of Consultants' skills and abilities is a constant. This will lead to a simultaneous evolution of a company in the market where it is inserted, leading to a higher level of competitiveness. According to this, is important to retain the following aspects:
> Internally, we have a Training Academy that embraces the Behavioral level, executed every year. This allows and supports the growing responsibilities and activities that our Consultants develop throughout their careers;

> The Technical Training of our Consultants is planned and organized according to the company’s market positioning, in the core areas in which we want to be outstanding. According to this, our Consultants could also make several Certifications. Some of our expertise areas are in closely related to SUN and Oracle technologies.

Come and meet us!

We need a Hero...

> THOR - Developer

Just like Thor, our developers have skills – hard and soft, in their case – at a superhuman level. Deeply capable and equipped with valuable resources, they respond to every day’s challenges using mainly their most precious device - the keyboard – such as Thor uses his enchanted hammer Mjolnir. And ,yes, sometimes they do hammering too!

> HULK - System Administrator

When required, our System Administrators have the same strength and agility as Hulk… without the bad mood of the green colossus. Relax!
Provided with Bruce Banner’s brilliant mind, they can face gracefully any stressful situation and do not hesitate to jump into the technical difficulties.

> SPIDERMAN - Network Administrator

The thought that with great power comes great responsibility guides Spiderman the Network Administrators at iCreate, which ensure the integrity of the whole informatics infrastructure. As well as the Webmaster superhero, you can spot ours Network Administrators in high places, to dominate their tech web. Or, simply, to switch on the router.

> SUPERMAN - Database Administrator

Unlike Superman, ours Data Base Administrators don’t fly; nevertheless, they move quickly in the mazes of any database engine. They detect all the gaps in a given database, without the heat vision but using the same intelligence as the comic hero, allied to a deep technical knowledge. The DBA’s equally superhuman strength allows him to carry in his shoulders massive loads of data.

> DAREDEVIL - Quality Assurance Specialist

Just like Daredevil, at iCreate, the Quality Assurance Specialists have extraordinary sensory capacity; the bad guys being the bugs, which are detected and relentlessly tracked.
When the blind superhero takes off the red suit, he puts a fancy outfit and rocks at the Court’s bar as an accomplished criminal trial lawyer. In the same way, our QA specialists work hard to show that no developer or code are guilty until otherwise proven.

> CAPTAIN AMERICA - Project Manager

Our Project Managers didn’t take the super soldier serum. There is no need: they drink coffee, which will do the same.
They are natural born leaders and the project's number one-men; they defend the team’s work, the client’s interests - and eventually the project - with all they got. Just like Captain America sworn to defend the starry flag.

> IRON MAN - Technical Manager

Lacking in superpowers, Iron Man compensates with his genius intellect and his state of the art gadgets. Being filthy rich, he uses his resources to make the world a safer place.
In the same way, our Technical Managers come up with solutions, sometimes improbable but always effective. They use their resources – human and technical – to accomplish the success in every project they step into.

> GREEN LANTERN - Technical Arquitect

With the Power Ring, Green Lantern’s powers are almost infinite. You could reasonably argue that imagination is the limit. The same moto goes with iCreate’s Technical Arquitects, responsible for designing the system’s architecture from the scratch.
Just like Green Lantern, the arquitect can build solid objects, being in this case robust informatics systems.

> MR. FANTASTIC - Technical Team Leader

Mr. Fantastic’s body is super-malleable and can reshape his physical form at will. As far as we know, our Technical Team Leaders don’t have the same ability but they can assume any role required: analyst, developer, project manager… you name it.
Still like the stretched superhero, the Technical Team Leaders are gifted tacticians and strategists, natural team leaders, offering their proficient mind to the common good of the project.


Similarly to Doctor Strange, the Analyst at iCreate often have mystical powers, trying to understand the requirements, even when the requestor doesn’t. The analyst doesn’t do matter manipulation: he rearrange the requirements - technical or functional - into well-organized specifications.
Maybe the superhero’s substantial medical knowledge is a hidden feature… but not less efficient because of that. In the same way, the analyst is frequently the one to whom the colleagues go to in case of doubts or need of advice.

> WOLVERINE - Application Support Specialist

The claws and his supernatural healing capacity are the top features to describe Wolverine, just like the Application Support Specialists of iCreate. Why? Well:
- Our support professionals defend with their best assets the correct behavior and integrity of the application; these assets being mostly the client’s orientation and the problem tracking abilities.
- In case of system’s failure, the Application Support Specialist commit himself to the fastest recovery possible.

> MR. MIRACLE - Web Designer

Our Web Designer is – like Mr. Miracle – a genius and a master in the art of escaping, avoiding in this case, all boring and outdated layouts.
In today’s digital era, the Web Designer is truly a god, using the most sophisticated technology to create webpages increasingly more appealing and out of the box.

> BLACK PANTHER - Process Optimization Specialist

At iCreate, the superpowers of the Process Optimization Specialists come from a long and consolidated work experience, from being prone to a job well done and, perhaps, from being a bit picky; they don’t come from a heart-shaped herb, like the ones of Black Panther.
Like the feline superhero, our Process Optimization Specialists are brilliant strategists and master planners who always think several steps ahead. They fight to defend the optimal process quality instead of the kingdom of Wakanda.

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